Dr. Griffin-Shelley is a Pennsylvania licensed psychologist. A magna cum laude graduate of Hobart College, he received his M.S.S. from Bryn Mawr School of Social Work and Social Research in 1974. He was granted a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1982. In addition to his three books, he has published a pamphlet and over twenty articles on a variety of topics including stress, clergy, sexuality, sex and the Internet, group psychotherapy, dissociation, sexual harassment, addictions, employee assistance, sex roles, bibliotherapy, and suicide
Currently, Dr. Griffin-Shelley is in private practice in Lafayette Hill (outside of the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia) and in Allentown. In addition to individual psychotherapy, he supervises an intensive outpatient psychotherapy program for sexual addicts that involves a psychoeducation group, two psychotherapy groups, and a open Twelve Step meeting during a three and a half hour session on Monday evenings in Lafayette Hill, PA.

Dr. Griffin-Shelley consults with the Dioceses of Allentown, Camden, and Philadelphia. He works with priests, vowed religious, and seminarians including one day a week at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. He provides workshops and consultations around interpersonal difficulties, especially boundary issues.

Dr. Griffin-Shelley is located in a historic 1812 stone home at 452 Germantown Pike in Lafayette Hill, Whitemarsh Township, PA. His first floor office includes a waiting area, small office, and group room where individual consultations occur. Dr.Griffin-Shelley's offices are shared by his colleagues.

Sex and Love Addiction and Treatment
, Description:

People can be addicted to sex and/or love and recovery is possible. More than ten years ago the National Institute of Health identified sexual addiction as a research priority. Experts now conservatively estimate a prevalence rate of 5 percent of the American population. Eric Griffin-Shelley provides a detailed definition of sex and love addiction as well as an outline of treatment and recovery. Unique to this work, Griffin-Shelley integrates sex and love in its formulation and also presents a two-level approach to recovery. This presentation provides in-depth examples and suggestions for change and supports the growing involvement of Twelve-Step programs in mental health. Professionals can use this resource in their clinical practice to identify and assist sex and love addicts.

Griffin-Shelley clearly describes the behavior of sex and love addicts and the emotions they may be experiencing. Problems such as multiple addictions (to drugs, alcohol, food, work) are examined. The book's two-layer approach to recovery focuses initially on the establishment of sobriety and then outlines an outer layer of protection that the sex and love addict can develop to sustain long-term recovery. Griffin-Shelley's meticulous description of the role of psychotherapy in aiding the recovery process is clearer than any book published to date on either sex or love addiction.

Table of Contents:
What Is a Sex and Love Addiction?
The Disease Concept of Addictions
Treatment and Recovery
Long-Term Treatment and Recovery

Editorial Reviews Book Description: Sex and the Internet is the first ever professional book on the fascinating and revolutionary area of internet sexuality. With many disturbing questions raised by sex and the internet, here is a clinician's guide that addresses these concerns by both informing and providing practical and concrete suggestions and directions. Contributions by international compilation of experts in the field of sexuality keeps on course with pertinent and relevant materials.